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Author Mark Lawrence hit a writer milestone last week, he’s received over 100,000 reviews in Goodreads. I know, some of my friends are thinking, “Goodreads what?” While my book loving friends are shaking their heads in approval thinking, “Wow, that is an achievement.” Mark joked on Facebook how there was very little fan fare from Goodreads on the achievement. Twitter and coupon applications will send you congrats for number of followers or number of dollars saved, but no kudos on what could arguably be one of the hardest things to amass, people reading and reviewing your work.  I suggested Mark hold another one of his fun blog challenges, and offer a prize for best book hat. He said, “Then you should start it off.”  Very well, here it is, my book hat. Congratulations Mark, I’m really happy for you.

Hat form: Michaels; Black satin, stripped knit, and tulle fabric; black flower: JoAnn’s, Feather: Hancock Fabric; Minature books: Miniatures discount dollhouse &; Metal embellishments: Tim Holz by Ranger; braided elastic band; black trim; and hot glue.

You can check out the work of Mark Lawrence on his website HERE.


I have been known to have some hoarding tendencies, and I come by this honestly.  There’s an established hoarder streak in my family tree, and I have family who would seriously benefit from being on the A&E show. Fortunately I mostly hoard craft and art supplies, most of which can be contained in my craft room or on an external hard drive.

I’ve been pulling out some gem’s and excitedly coming accross new items as I prepare for all the scrapbooking fun I will have upon my return from Disney World. There is a lot out there, but I’m going to show off some of my tried and true favorite Disney digital kits, as well as some amazing newer ones.

From WM(Squared) available at the Scrap Orchard:

Feel The Magic-The Mega Bundle

Pirate Pillage-The Bundle

From Britt-ish Designs and available in her store:

Project Mouse: At Night The Bundle

You’ve Got a Friend In Me Bundle


Change Your Fate

Galactic Alliance

From Studio Flergs at The Sweet Shoppe:

A Frozen Heart: The Collection

#believe in magic: inner beauty


From Jenn Barrett at The Sweet Shoppe:

Home on The Range

 Out of This World: The Collection

From Kristin Conin-Barrow at The Sweet Shoppe:

Land of Make Believe: Bundle

Ice Queen: The Collection

From Pixelily available at her Gotta Pixel Store:

Friends with the Monsters

From Connie Prince Designs available at her Gotta Pixel Store:

My Happy Place

Mouse in the House

Chinease New Year

From Kelly Bell Designs and available at her store (I keep looking for the BUY WHOLE store button here):

Prototype City

Expedition Safari

Hooray for Hollywood

Princess Overnight

If you need some fun Disney font’s to add to your stash you can grab the following free ones at Walter, Mickey Ears, Mouse Memoirs, and JLR Mouse House

True Story, my husband does not like clutter on top of our refrigerator. He accepts the nonsense that runs down both sides of it, but anything piled on top (usually things being hidden from a child) annoys him. The other day he grabbed what I loving call my “Kurig box” and asked if he could throw it in recycling. I pleaded with him, described it’s functional purpose of storing K-Cups.

“Well do I have to look at it?” he said.

I began to bargain and said, “If I scrapbook it, and make it pretty, can I keep it up there?”

His answer: Yes

I think he was a little surprised when I began designing the box within the week. Of course having my Cricut Explore really made this a much faster project than one would expect.


Materials Used:

  • 80 Count Starbucks K-Cup box
  • Solid Paper is Club Scrap Cardstock from various retired kits; Pattern Paper is retired K & Company Paper
  • Stamps: Mocha Java Remix by: Club Scrap; Anita’s Back Street Inc.
  • Stazon Ink in Brown; Club Scrap Onyx Ink
  • Glue: Creative Memories (retired) Glue Pen, Close to My Heart Glue Pen, Club Scrap Book Binding Glue, Paper Modge Podge,
  • Cricut Cartridges: Hoot & Holler, Love You a Latte
  • Foam Brush
  • X-Acto Knife



More 6″x 6″ cards made with the Lollydoodle kit by: Close to My Heart. I’ve had a really good time playing with it and the fun colors. These can be made with or without heat embossing the owls. I stamped the Owls in a color ink and then stamped over them in clear embossing ink and used a satin pearl embossing powder with flecks of blue.

  • Paper:  Lollydoodle which includes the colored card stock in Cotton Candy, Twilight, Pear, Colonial White, Smoothie, and Slate
  • Embellishments: Silver Shimmer Trim and Glitter Gems in Flamingo by: Close To My Heart; Ribbon Pink by: American Crafts; Jewel Brad by: Reflections
  • Stamps: “Lollydoodle Card Maker Workshop”, “Oodles of Doodles”, and “Owl’s Seasons & Nature” all by: Close To My Heart
  • Ink: Slate, Twilight, Pear, and Cotton Candy by: Close To My Heart; Clear Embossing Ink by: Clear snap
  • Blue Satin Embossing Powder by: Stampworks
  • Cricut Cartridges: Artiste, and Art Philosophy
  • Adhesive: ATG by: 3M; Foam Squares by: 3L; Mini Glue Dots; Create a Sticker permanent by: Xyron, Glue Pen by: Close to My Heart.


I had a great time playing with the bright colors in the Close to My Heart Lollydoodle kit. It has  owls, I have a thing for owls, so I ordered everything Lollydoodle I could. These 6″x 6″ cards can be made with or without heat embossing the owls. I stamped the Owls in a color ink and then stamped over them in clear embossing ink and used a satin pearl embossing powder with flecks of blue.


  • Paper:  Lollydoodle which includes the colored card stock in Cotton Candy, Twilight, Pear, Colonial White, Smoothie, and Slate; Elements Paper in Cotton Candy
  • Embellishments: Silver Shimmer Trim, Lollydoodle Glitter Gems, and Glitter Gems in Flamingo by: Close To My Heart; Ribbon Pink by: American Crafts; Jewel Brad by: Reflections; Punch by: EK Success
  • Stamps: “Lollydoodle Card Maker Workshop”, “Oodles of Doodles”, and “Owl’s Seasons & Nature”, and “Just to Say” all by: Close To My Heart
  • Ink: Slate, Twilight, Pear, and Cotton Candy by: Close To My Heart; Clear Embossing Ink by: Clear snap
  • Blue Satin Embossing Powder by: Stampworks
  • Cricut Cartridges: Artiste, Art Philosophy, Strait From the Nest
  • Adhesive: ATG by: 3M; Foam Squares by: 3L; Mini Glue Dots; Create a Sticker permanent by: Xyron, Glue Pen by: Close to My Heart.

My friend Melanie is really quite amazing in her ability to see a project she wants to do, and then do it. Not only can she take the step from plan to action, her mind can tweak things in a way that makes them uniquely hers. She got the idea to do this frame from pintrest. The original idea was a 3×5 frame made from recycled old wood. Melanie’s brain right away took it to: “I’m going to do the same thing, but make it 4×6 because nobody prints 3×5, and then I’m going to use paint sticks.” Melanie has tons of paint sticks. Not because she thieves them. Nope, my friend is the master of, “I don’t like that, I’m going to paint it.” She collects and plays with household paint mediums like I collect ink pads. This woman has paint sticks littering her craft area like I have paper scraps littering mine.

Here’s what we used:

Supply List:

  • Wood frame base
  • 6 Paint Sticks (we liked the Home Depot ones she had over the Wal Mart, they were thicker and had a better grain.)
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Dremel
  • 3 paint brushes
  • Sanding device
  • Wood Stain (we used 2 shades of grey)
  • Home Decor Wax paint (We used a dark brown.)
  • Modge Podge (Used is an antique cream)
  • Scrapbook Paper (Pictured above is K&Co)
  1. Prepare your work area. This project gets messy with wood dust, stain, and glue. Cut or break paint sticks. Each stick should yield one long piece for the top or bottom and one small piece for the side. The Dremel can help with getting exact cuts. Once you have all the pieces cut, distress the edges with the Dremel. 
  2. Hot glue distressed pieces to wood frame.
  3. Stain pieces with lightest stain first. Wipe off excess stain and add contrasting darker color stain being sure to stain the distressed areas and edges. Let stain dry.
  4. Add wax paint, once again focus coverage to the distressed area. Let the paint dry. Cover the frame with Modge lodge and add cover with scrapbook paper. 
  5. Tear paper away from the edge of the frame. Sand edges of the frame and across the top to desired distressed appearance. 
  6. You can ink or use the wax paint on the distressed areas of the paper. Let dry and then Modge Podge the entire top of the frame again. When it dries it is done. 

I was inspired by Pintrest, this pin specifically. I saw it and knew immediately I wanted to make one.                                                                                                I am not even going to try and recreate the tutorial to make this wreath. Really you will want to refer to Salvaged Whimsy’s Blog tutorial’s. She covers everything from dying the coffee filters to construction of the flowers, and then the actual wreath construction. Overall it is not a difficult project, but it is time intensive.

In total I want to say it cost me $15.00 to make this wreath. Here’s what you need to make this project:

  • Coffee filters. I picked up a big pack from Costco for $3.00. Salvaged Whimsy also recommends getting coffee filters from dollar stores.
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and lots of glue sticks. I went through almost 10 of those extra long glue sticks.
  • Wreath form. I picked up one at JoAnn’s for $8.00. Salvaged Whimsy constructs her own out of paper plates and tissue paper.
  • Tissue paper-I still used this to wrap the wreath with before adhering the coffee filter flowers.
  • Dye. There is a big range of what you can use. I used our left over Easter Egg dye.

Salvaged Whimsy has great information on dying the coffee filters and I followed her process of dying them in pie pans. I literally laid out coffee filters in pie plates and dumped our used Plaid Easter Egg dye and then another cup of water over them. It worked great. If you are going to use the Plaid Easter Egg dye, I recommend premixing the pink color with more water before dumping on the coffee filters. I did not use the blue dyed filters on this wreath. It just was not the color mix I was going for. However I can totally see myself rolling blue flowers in the future for a different wreath, we’ll see. Once you have gone through the process of dying and drying coffee filters you hand cut them into something that resembles this:

Then you roll from the outside in. The best advice I can give you in rolling these flowers is this,  the less you try the better they look. Don’t roll them tight, and don’t overthink it. I glued along the entire center edge because I worked with two layers of filters. I wanted my flowers to be a little more full looking. You are aiming for seventy of these lovely little paper creations. I have been rolling flowers on and off for a few weeks now. This is not a fast project. Between dying and drying coffee filters and the flower construction I estimate a good 8-9 hours of work went into this project.

I was on the fence about pre-wrapping my styrofoam wreath in tissue paper, but in the end I am glad I did. I also added a ribbon tie before I wrapped in tissue paper so I was not stuck trying to figure out how to hang it after it was all assembled. 

I am in love with the outcome. It is as good or better than I hoped it would be when I fell in love with that pin. Thanks for checking in with me on my blog, I hope you have a great day. 



Oddly enough this craft project was inspired while writing. I can trace my desire to do this project all the way back to the word “aubergine”. Microsoft Word did not like my spelling of the word aubergine. Not being known for my spelling prowess, I went out to the internet to google it, and double check. I have to say, Googling a color gives you some pretty amazing results. I got to see all kinds of beautiful objects that were all the color of aubergine. Let me also add, I was spelling aubergine right. But my writing flow was interrupted by a plethora of pretty aubergine pictures. Before long I had clicked my way into Pintrest. I love Pintrest. There, I stumbled upon a friends craft to-do board. It was chock full of felt flower wreaths. I wanted to do one of these. I REALLY wanted to do one of these. Before long several of her pins had become my pins, and I was plotting how and when I would be going to the craft store to make this wreath happen. I enlisted the home decor craft savviness, of my friend Melanie, and our pintrest inspired craftiness was underway.

Supplies Needed for this project:

  • Wreath form. I used a styrofoam form from Joann’s that set me back $8.
  • A skien of yarn. I bought a BIG one, and I didn’t need that much. I don’t craft with copious amounts of yarn, so I had no clue how much I needed. I wrapped my wreath two times with the yarn and I still think I could make a large project with what I have left over.
  • Different colors of felt. I bought 2 yards of each color, and three of us were able to make enough felt flowers, and I still have some nice sized felt fabric squares left over.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks suitable for use with fabric.
  • The rabbit or other focal object is optional. I got the faux chocolate rabbit at Gordman’s for $6.
  • A nice sharp pair of scissors.
  • Stick pins for some of the flower patterns.
  • Beads or buttons for the center of flowers. I liked the look of wooden beads, but pearls or glass beads would look pretty as well.

I have linked to the blogs I found helpful. Each have tutorials & a free for personal use felt flower template.

  1. Wrap the wreath in yarn. I did hot glue where I started. This part of the project takes some time and I was glad I was making this craft with friends. We chatted away as we wrapped our wreaths two times around in yarn.
  2. The little purple daisy’s on my wreath were created using a template and tutorial at How Joyful’s Blog. The pictures are helpful and the printable template is free for personal use. I recommend when using her template to cut the itty bitty in-between parts of the paper template as you cut the fabric. If you make multiples of this flower I would print up a fresh template for each one. Those little cuts are just so small it was hard to use a second time. I did not combine all 4 strips provided on Joyful’s blog. I used the two smallest, and wrapped each one individually to create daisies. She recommends sewing on her blog, but I don’t intend on washing my wreath, so glue worked just fine.
  3. The yellow chrysanthemum on my wreath was created using a wonderful step by step instructions and free for personal use printable template at Make & Do Girl Blog. Even if you don’t want to make one, check out her blog and ogle the ones she made with hand dyed wool felt. They are gorgeous.
  4. The blue hycenths were super easy to make. Take about a 24″x 2″ strip of felt and fold it in half and glue together. Then cut every 1/4″ down the length of it. Place a strip of hot glue along the bottom and roll.
  5. The roses are about as easy. I found a free for personal use printable rose template at Kosucas blog. Her blog is international, but she has pictures of some really fun and amazing felt creations. I pined the printed template to the fabric and cut. We tried to trace and it just took more time than pinning and cutting from the template did. When rolling the roses, start in the middle and go ahead an bunch the center up. I added glue when I did this. Then you roll it on itself and these are intend to look tight. I also free cut circles for the base and glued them onto the bottom of the finished roses to give them a little more stability.
  6. The fun part is placing everything on the wreath. Don’t glue right away, place them and play with putting the flowers in different positions to see what looks best. You want a good mix of a few large flowers (I say no more than 4, 1 chrysanthemum and three hycenths), 3-4 medium flowers (Roses & paper whites), and 5 small flowers (daisy).



I came up with the design for this card a few years ago. It became one of my make and takes during the Stamp and Scrapbooking Expo in St.Paul, MN; Maddison, WI; and Milwaukee, WI. I submitted the design to Club Scrap and was published in their Scrap Rap Magazine.


You will need the following supplies: (1) 6×6″ Base, (1) 3×12″ Piece of Paper, (2) 3×3″ Panels, (2) 2×2″ Pop Up Panel inserts, (1) 3″ Circle Tag (you can matt this piece or use a 3″ die cut as well), (1) 18″ Ribbon, Adhesive, Ink, Stamps, Corner Rounder, 1″ Circle punch, and a hole punch. On this card I also used flower and pearl embellishments.

PGC11. Stamp and embellish circle. I double matted my circle and added paper flowers over my stamped image. Make sure you hole punch on the right side of the circle. The ribbon will be coming out of this hole.

PGC22. Complete any additional stamping includeing what you want on the two interior panels, the 6×6″ base, or the gift card pocket.

PGC33. Score the 3×12″ Paper Piece at 9″ and 3″. Fold in the sides and make a 1″ score centered at 1/2″ from both sides of the 9″ and 3″ score lines.

PGC44. Fold both sides in.  Cut up to each side of the 1″ score line.

PGC55. Push in on the 1″ scored area until it makes a pop up step on the inside of the card. Do this on both sides. Burnish the folds.

PGC66. Place adhesive only on one side of the pop up step that is closest to the outer edge of the card and place the two panels.

PGC77. In the center top of the 3×12″ paper piece use the 1″ circle punch to cut a half circle where the gift card can be accessed.

PGC88. Place adhesive only on the bottom and outer edges. DO NOT apply adhesive along the top.  Wrap the ribbon around the front of the card and affix each end to the center sides of the back of the card. Mount the 3×12″ piece of paper on the 6×6 card base. Cut the ribbon where there is more ribbon on the left side.

PGC99. Thread the ribbon from the bottom to the top through the circle tag hole. Place adhesive on the half of the circle tag that does not have the hole. Center the circle over the two front pan nets and ensure it is adhered to the left side. Add a gift card, tie the ribbon and your card is complete. Here are two other samples.


Both of the above samples were made with Club Scrap Paper, stamps, and ink.


This sample above was made with pattern paper, card stock, and stamps from Close to My Heart. Inks: Denim Adirondack by Ranger,  Bordering Blue classic stamp pad by Stampin’ Up, Tullip exclusive ink pad by Close to My Heart. Gel Ink Pen by Sakura. Ribbon is Ribbon by the Spool sold at Michaels. Paper flowers are from the Painted Desert Kit by Club Scrap, and Prima Flowers. Imaginisce Pearl Embellishments.



It is always so fun to learn a friend is having her first baby, especially when she has been on a long road of waiting to get pregnant.  I met Mary at Memory Keepers, a small group at my church that meets monthly to paper craft together. We are going to have a surprise baby shower for her today. I love baby stuff, and making a diaper cake is the best excuse in the world to go shopping for baby stuff.

Here’s a list of what you need:

  1. I used 100 size 1 infant Huggies Diapers on Mary’s cake.
  2. At least 3 blankets of some kind. An inexpensive method is to use receiving blankets. In the past I have used a mix of receiving blankets and say one really nice blanket. I now use sleep sacks. On Mary’s Diaper Cake I have two sleep sacks and one Boppy Pillow cover.
  3. A dozen diaper safety pins (maybe a few extra if you need them to pin on toys). I know Babies R’ Us sells these, I’ve also seen them at Walmart.
  4. Baby booties or cute socks
  5. 1-2 small infant toys, preferably ones you can affix to a car seat so it can just clip on the cake.
  6. Small infant toy for the cake topper. I used a snugly blanket buddy. It’s one of those cute, it’s a toy, but it’s a blanket plush things.
  7. Plastic diaper bag dispenser. The more mobile my kids became, the more and more this little diaper bag contraption came in handy. The pack I found came with bonus disposable diaper changing matts. Those were great to have in the diaper bag too. I placed one of these over the top of the bottom layer to hide the exposed diapers at the edge.
  8. Bibb
  9. This one’s optional, I wrap the cake in toile and secure with a ribbon. It helps for transportation of the diaper cake.

* In the past I have also placed pacifiers, infant hats, and other small items that fit within the overall theme of the cake built.

IMG_2076   IMG_2077


Here are some samples of other cakes I made for friends.

IMG_0956  IMG_1624