An Overview to My Book Reviews

I am presenting my honest opinions in my reviews. I try to keep my feedback/comments useful, explaining why something does or doesn’t work. I do my best to not provide spoilers. I refrain from regurgitating the plot, however I do discuss things that do or do not work within a plot. You can find the majority of my reviews on Goodreads HERE


★★★★★ – Loved it enough I might read it again someday. This is the number one, main criteria I use to determine a five star review. If I don’t want to read it again someday, I will not give the work five stars. Five stars means I will be boring my friends with praise for it. Well paced, good character development, enthralling to the point I can’t put it down or wait to pick it back up. 

★★★★ – I will tell my friends about it, a highly entertaining and interesting read. I was thinking about the book when I wasn’t reading it.

★★★ – A good book. It was fair all around and parts were enjoyable. 

★★ – Can’t honestly recommend my friends waste their time reading it. I was hitting myself on the head a few times over choices made by the author, or things found which an editor should have caught.

★ – Why did I finish this? or I just could not finish it.

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