Book Review: Horizon

Book Review: Horizon by: Carol Davis

I give this book three out of five stars for being entertaining, taking me to a new alien place, and presenting complex social ideas about race, government, and failure in a manner still appropriate for a YA audience.

What I liked about the book:
1. The world building was really well done. I liked how the foreign planet was strange but still tangible. There’s a nice climactic construction and it impacts adaptations in the native sentient beings. I liked the sociology behind the Uuvali and their culture and the way it contrasted with average humans, including language, clothing, and food choices.

2. The layering of secondary plots, I enjoyed how these ran in conjunction with the main plot. I think the best one was the double antagonist plot, and figuring out which of the two would prevail over the other.

3. The ending is not a neat little bundle of happily ever after, there’s some heartbreak that comes with it. I wanted things to be so much more different for one of the main protagonists, but it was a real world look at how things don’t always work out for people even when they try their hardest.