Book Review: Poe

Book Review Poe by: J. Lincoln Fenn

I give this book five out of five stars, and I need to remember to not read J. Lincoln Fenn’s work when I’m home alone. This book was awesomely scary, laugh out loud funny, and touching in unexpected ways. The characters are strong and relatable. The plot had interesting twists that made the read enjoyable and hard to put down.

What I loved about this book:

  1. The humor, I never expected this book to make me laugh as much as it did. For me any book of the horror genre that can make me laugh as much as this one, deserves five stars. The funny character banter and perspective made them even more endearing to me.
  1. The characters, all of them were very well done. Each one had something unique and unforgettable about them, which made remembering the many supporting characters easy. The descriptions of Dmitri’s co-workers, and the characters collected at the mansion on Halloween were unforgettable and so funny.
  1. Dimitri’s grief and the impact it had on him felt real to me. Whenever his grief was touched on it rang with a deep sincerity. It’s the kind of honest insight I love, where I’m left wondering if I stumbled onto a part where the author bled into their work.

Lincoln Fenn has a clean style with a clear voice. Everything conveyed is necessary, and her plot structure omits all trick ponies and plot devices. I really look forward to reading her future works.