Hat’s Off to Mark Lawrence!

Author Mark Lawrence hit a writer milestone last week, he’s received over 100,000 reviews in Goodreads. I know, some of my friends are thinking, “Goodreads what?” While my book loving friends are shaking their heads in approval thinking, “Wow, that is an achievement.” Mark joked on Facebook how there was very little fan fare from Goodreads on the achievement. Twitter and coupon applications will send you congrats for number of followers or number of dollars saved, but no kudos on what could arguably be one of the hardest things to amass, people reading and reviewing your work.  I suggested Mark hold another one of his fun blog challenges, and offer a prize for best book hat. He said, “Then you should start it off.”  Very well, here it is, my book hat. Congratulations Mark, I’m really happy for you.

Hat form: Michaels; Black satin, stripped knit, and tulle fabric; black flower: JoAnn’s, Feather: Hancock Fabric; Minature books: Miniatures discount dollhouse & more.com; Metal embellishments: Tim Holz by Ranger; braided elastic band; black trim; and hot glue.

You can check out the work of Mark Lawrence on his website HERE.


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