Book Review: Sojourners (Farpointe Initiative Book Two)

Book Review: Sojourners (Farpointe Initiative Book Two) by: Aaron Hubble

I give this book four out of five stars for its characters, world building, and vivid battle scenes. This is the first full novel in Aaron Hubbles Farpointe Initiative series, following a group of Aereas native’s as they navigate the wilderness to seek refuge from an unknown attacking force. Questions from the first book are answered only to pull you in deeper into the story as a series of new mysteries are presented.

What I liked about this book:

1) Characters, protagonists, supporting, and antagonists, I liked them all. I found myself engaged in the story even more by the mysteries surrounding the female cyborg pilot, wondering if the native who walked out of the ruined city with a crossbow was a spy, and curious to learn what happened to Berit’s family.

2) The speculative ideas. I liked learning about the antagonist and seeing human nature’s dark side. What happens when population embraces peace and rejects the need for self-defense? What happens when a population has a choice between hardship or joining a militant force with guarantees of life’s essentials and more? I was as intrigued with what happened on earth as I was with the story unfolding on Aereas.

3) The Narrative Style. The struggles the group of survivors encounter on a long cross-country trek were legitimate and well thought out. Finding out if the group would reach their destination held my interest, and the answers were rewarding and blew my expectations apart. Each of the battle scenes, with native animals, and then the attacking force were well paced and well done.

Overall a very enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more in this series. The book is free to subscribers to Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.