Book Review: Ash (Farpointe Initiative Book One)

Book Review: Ash (Farpointe Initiative Book One) by: Aaron Hubble

I give this book five out of five stars for its breakneck pacing while binding me to the characters, providing details of a foreign planet, and vivid scenes of an attacking force. This is a short read that offers an amazing first look at the world of Aereas. A once war torn planet has lived in peace for five hundred years. Hubble pulls no punches when he tells the story of wars return to Aereas.

What I loved about this book:

1) Characters, I was rooting and morning for each one encountered. I went back and counted the number of paragraphs it took to bind me to Berit. Three, I was attached to her character in three paragraphs. Well done Hubble, very well done.

2) The Pacing, it was spot on. We are given enough calm before the storm, to meet the protagonists, enjoy the new world, and then freak out when the first bombs arrive.

3) Strong Narrative Style. The visual descriptions were lovely. The beautiful moments and the heart wrenching ones were captured. The cultural and world building details were scattered throughout the read, and not dumped in long paragraphs.

Overall it was a great start to a series and I look forward to reading more about the unfolding conflict. This book is currently free on Amazon. You can find out more about author Aaron Hubble on his website HERE.