Digital Scrapbooking Disney 2015

I have been known to have some hoarding tendencies, and I come by this honestly.  There’s an established hoarder streak in my family tree, and I have family who would seriously benefit from being on the A&E show. Fortunately I mostly hoard craft and art supplies, most of which can be contained in my craft room or on an external hard drive.

I’ve been pulling out some gem’s and excitedly coming accross new items as I prepare for all the scrapbooking fun I will have upon my return from Disney World. There is a lot out there, but I’m going to show off some of my tried and true favorite Disney digital kits, as well as some amazing newer ones.

From WM(Squared) available at the Scrap Orchard:

Feel The Magic-The Mega Bundle

Pirate Pillage-The Bundle

From Britt-ish Designs and available in her store:

Project Mouse: At Night The Bundle

You’ve Got a Friend In Me Bundle


Change Your Fate

Galactic Alliance

From Studio Flergs at The Sweet Shoppe:

A Frozen Heart: The Collection

#believe in magic: inner beauty


From Jenn Barrett at The Sweet Shoppe:

Home on The Range

 Out of This World: The Collection

From Kristin Conin-Barrow at The Sweet Shoppe:

Land of Make Believe: Bundle

Ice Queen: The Collection

From Pixelily available at her Gotta Pixel Store:

Friends with the Monsters

From Connie Prince Designs available at her Gotta Pixel Store:

My Happy Place

Mouse in the House

Chinease New Year

From Kelly Bell Designs and available at her store (I keep looking for the BUY WHOLE store button here):

Prototype City

Expedition Safari

Hooray for Hollywood

Princess Overnight

If you need some fun Disney font’s to add to your stash you can grab the following free ones at Walter, Mickey Ears, Mouse Memoirs, and JLR Mouse House