Book Review: Time Bound

Book Review: Time Bound by: Rysa Walker

I gave this book four out of five stars. Everybody says this is Ryas Walkers debut novel, but the complexity of her plot intermixed with layers of character conflict make me wonder. Its no shock Timebound has received so much acclaim, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for Young Adult Fiction & Grand Prize Overall Winner (2013). You get to experience the time travel and technology of science fiction, the star-crossed love of a romance, the Chicago World’s Fair of historical fiction, and the serial killer suspense of thriller.

A gripping historical sequence grabs the reader right away. Among all the time travel suspense, the effects of this on family and close friendships are what I found compelling. It was great to root for the heroine duo of Kate and Katherine. A tried and true strong woman, Katherine mentors the budding potential in her granddaughter Kate.

If you are going to have a love triangle in a book, having one love in the past who knows you better in the future, and one in the present who only knows you in an alternate time line, is the way to do it. I enjoyed the emotional conflict this added to the plot.

Reading this you get to ponder alternate time lines, merging memories of jumping into the same place as yourself, jumping back in time to fix a mistake without causing more problems, and the possibility of your true love only existing in the past or an alternate timeline.

I really enjoyed the suspense of someone popping in from another time and wondering if they would be friend or foe. My heart was pounding and I could not put this book down during the last four chapters. What a fun read, I look forward to reading the next book in the series.