Book Review: The Longing (Age of Faith #5)

Book Review: The Longing (Age of Faith #5), by: Tamara Leigh

This is my favorite book in the Age of Faith Series. Days after completing the read I find myself dwelling on it and what a wonderful story it is. I might even read it again someday, and for this reason I give it five out of five stars.

What I loved about this book:
1) The characters, I enjoyed how clearly defined the good, the bad, and everyone in-between was presented. I adored the strength and perseverance of Judas and Susanna. It was a pleasure to get better acquainted with the man Everand who has been a bit of an enigma through this series.

2) The family connection and how lovingly Leigh renders them is one of her strengths as an author. My favorite moments were when Everard confers with Garr when he can’t sleep; the comfort Everard provides Judas after being attacked in the woods; and the way Susanna and Judas each plotted and made attempts to see one another late at night.

3) The romance, what is it about unrequited love that gets me every time? Susanna’s been in love with Everard since she was a girl, and poor Everard hasn’t been in love for so long he doesn’t know if what he’s feeling is love or atonement. There was a slow build to their connection. It was lovely how Susanna became plagued by the realization that knowing Everard as an adult only made her infatuation worse than when she was a girl.

The title of this book is perfect. It fits a love story that is more about longing for someone you care about and less about a lustful longing. This is a stand alone book you could read without reading the first four books in the Age of Faith series.