Book Review: The Kindling (Age of Faith #4)

Book Review: The Kindling (Age of Faith #4) by: Tamara Leigh

I give this book four out of five stars for being an entertaining book, a journey of physical and emotional recovery, with a fun cast of characters.

What I liked:
1) The characters, both Helene and Abel were complex and interesting people. I like how Abel’s family interact with him, doing things because they know he will or will not tolerate it.
2) The romance between Helene and Abel was initially a love at first sight kind of thing, but their attachment truly grew as they got to know one another in this book. I also like how Abel and Helene consciously made decisions to benefit the other that were not always to their personal betterment.
3) Helene’s bold honesty. I just loved how unusual a character trait this was, but it worked so well for her. It was great to see her articulate difficult things most people would cave and never be brave enough to say openly.

What I didn’t like:
1) Helene holding onto the secret of her parentage as long as she did. I thought it should have at least been revealed to her brother. I do not understand why Helene did not confess it to him in the last book, if for no other reason than to at least benefit her son.
2) The ending could have been stronger. It was a little anti climatic after the rescue. I like the conversation with Lady Isobel, and Abel playing with John, but there could have been more discussion between Abel and Helene. So much time is spent with them miserable a part, or together in strife, I was looking forward to seeing them happy together.