Book Review: I Will Hold My Death Close

Book Review: I Will Hold My Death Close, by: Stant Litore

I give this book five out of five stars for the emotions it evoked, the way it brought to life the tragic and overlooked story of a female in the Old Testament, and how I dwelled on its ideas for days.

“I don’t want to die. So I must be stronger than my fear, faster than my terror.”

From start to finish this story is powerful, heartbreaking, and wonderfully scary- if I can even categorize something as wonderfully scary. There are things one reads where the biblical references are glaring or simply kick you in the face obvious. Then there are the stories woven elegantly with such a clear voice you don’t see the biblical undertone or the biblical story used underneath it. I didn’t catch the biblical story reference at all. Even with the references to Jewish tribes warring with neighboring tribes, I thought it was producing a very interesting environment for the character. I’m in reverence to Litore and his honest portrayal of the daughter in Judges chapter 11. I had so much empathy for her, my heart hurt for her, and my mind continued to contrast her story to Isaacs for days.

The prose are graceful, which is amazing in a story where the protagonist is repeatedly battling for her life against the undead. Litore has a gift for bringing the reader into his story right away and his characters are highly defined.

The darkness Litore examines is powerful and emotional in an unusual but very relevant way. This is a short story that merits it’s current ranking as one of Amazon’s top twenty-five reads you can complete in an hour. I highly recommend taking the time to enjoy it. I’ve spent more time dwelling on the ideas and imagery in this story than books with ten times its word count.