Book Review: The Unveiling (Age of Faith Book One)

Book Review of The Unveiling,  by: Tamara Leigh

I give this book four out of five stars for an engaging plot, a fine cast of characters, and some very nice action scenes for a romance novel. There’s a great deal of bodice ripping heat for a novel that does not show the reader any fire. The Christian theme is subtle and well done. It’s part of the characters beliefs, and overall an organic element to the setting. The recent cover of this book grabbed my attention, I love it.  After reading the book it really captures the feel of the main characters well.

What I liked about the book:

1) The plot. There is a risk of becoming campy anytime a character is set somewhere in disguise, especially if it’s a woman disguised as a man. Ms. Leigh’s risk was worth taking, and her work is highly entertaining. It was nice to see the protagonists appreciate one another’s strengths, minus any sexual tension. There is a nice thread of political intrigue, layered with the mystery of the death of Annyn’s brother.

2) The characters. Annyn is a woman with the audacity to take up arms and dare to do the things men do. It was fun to see the fight in her. Despite her misguided reason to train at arms, her capabilities were realistic, and she was level headed about her status as a lady. I enjoyed the cast of characters in the family surrounding Annyn and Garr. It was interesting how past family drama impacted them in the present.

3) The conflicts through misunderstanding. There is a big rollercoaster ride of obstacles set for Annyn and Garr. Each one worked within the plot and stayed clear of becoming ridiculous or petty.

There was really only one moment in the book I didn’t like. The lie Annyn told Garr in the hallway before the wedding. That didn’t make any sense to me and I’m glad it was overturned a page later. Other than that, I enjoyed this book cover to cover. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.