Book Review: Ansible 15715

Book Review: Ansible 15715, By: Stant Litore

I give this short story four out of five stars for capturing my imagination and pinning it in a box where I couldn’t help but dwell on it’s ideas and hypotheses’.

This was a short story and in all its briefness you get to be terrified, mystified, thought provoked, and completely unsettled. If you like subjecting yourself to the “what if”, worst-case scenario, this is how the world shall end kind of thing than you will EAT THIS UP. I know I did, and to be able to arrive at this state in less than two hours speaks volumes to the talent of the writer. This is a thought provoking work that will give your mind plenty to contemplate. I’ve been vacillating between the ideals of an Islamic female transitioning across space and time to land in a human males body, to the idea that creatures would force a race of being’s into a state of hyper fear in order to feed off of them. How horrifically grotesque, thank you Mr. Litore.