Paint Stick Frame

My friend Melanie is really quite amazing in her ability to see a project she wants to do, and then do it. Not only can she take the step from plan to action, her mind can tweak things in a way that makes them uniquely hers. She got the idea to do this frame from pintrest. The original idea was a 3×5 frame made from recycled old wood. Melanie’s brain right away took it to: “I’m going to do the same thing, but make it 4×6 because nobody prints 3×5, and then I’m going to use paint sticks.” Melanie has tons of paint sticks. Not because she thieves them. Nope, my friend is the master of, “I don’t like that, I’m going to paint it.” She collects and plays with household paint mediums like I collect ink pads. This woman has paint sticks littering her craft area like I have paper scraps littering mine.

Here’s what we used:

Supply List:

  • Wood frame base
  • 6 Paint Sticks (we liked the Home Depot ones she had over the Wal Mart, they were thicker and had a better grain.)
  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Dremel
  • 3 paint brushes
  • Sanding device
  • Wood Stain (we used 2 shades of grey)
  • Home Decor Wax paint (We used a dark brown.)
  • Modge Podge (Used is an antique cream)
  • Scrapbook Paper (Pictured above is K&Co)
  1. Prepare your work area. This project gets messy with wood dust, stain, and glue. Cut or break paint sticks. Each stick should yield one long piece for the top or bottom and one small piece for the side. The Dremel can help with getting exact cuts. Once you have all the pieces cut, distress the edges with the Dremel. 
  2. Hot glue distressed pieces to wood frame.
  3. Stain pieces with lightest stain first. Wipe off excess stain and add contrasting darker color stain being sure to stain the distressed areas and edges. Let stain dry.
  4. Add wax paint, once again focus coverage to the distressed area. Let the paint dry. Cover the frame with Modge lodge and add cover with scrapbook paper. 
  5. Tear paper away from the edge of the frame. Sand edges of the frame and across the top to desired distressed appearance. 
  6. You can ink or use the wax paint on the distressed areas of the paper. Let dry and then Modge Podge the entire top of the frame again. When it dries it is done.