Tracking photos for Project 52

I did Project 365 in 2012, where you take a photo every single day, and ideally a page for every single day. While doing P365 I learned about project 52, where you do a layout of each week. I see similarities to both projects. After doing P365 I can see how P52 might be a little more practical. There were several days in 2012 where my photos were not all that exciting, and not in my opinion layout worthy. However if I were to add up these photos and make a P52 layout they suddenly become something. So I decided I would try P52 this year and do it pocket style.

Back in 2012 I kept track of my photos on these little legal pads and tried my best to work month by month. I made a list of each day in the month, and then noted what the photos were for each day. It was like a never ending task list. I was always happy to cross off a completed page. Organizing a list for P52 is a little different. You need to annotate the week and pull out one shot for each day. I printed my January through March pictures of this year and it was just a mess. All of my photos arrived out of order, and I had to go back and sort them chronologically. That was a pain. I did not enjoy having to scroll through iPhoto in order to  figure out the dates for over 90 photos.

I stumbled on this pack of printables by Wishing Well Creations by Laura Passage recently and decided I had try it. She also has a pack of P365 pritables. Laura where were you in my life in 2012! 

I had decided I would just do an 8.5 x 11 version since these would be easier to find a binder and whole punch for. I really wanted to do half pages, but it didn’t seem feasible to find the right materials. Then I just happened to come accross a cute binder by Basic Grey in the clearance section of JoAnn’s. It was just the right size to fit the smaller scale. I wasn’t sure about getting it because I still didn’t have a punch for 5.5 x 8.5. A few days later I stumbled on one of those at Staples. I went back and found my cute binder still in the clearance section and went to work putting my planner together.

I really like the printables Laura Passage has developed. They are very customizable, and you can even pick which day of the week you prefer to start on. I also like that there is more than just one line to write notes about the photos from each day. You can add bits of journaling and even cover projects or goings on that lasted more than just one day. I have yet to plan down to what photo goes into which spot in my pages, but I like that I have that option as well. I like that I don’t have to open iPhoto to reference a photo date either. I can take a stack of unsorted photos with me to a crop and have my binder with me at the ready to tell me what photo lands in which week. It’s also great to have on hand when I decide to do a P365 layout.