Organizing ideas for Project Life Cards

I’ve been paper scrapbooking since 1995, and my stash outgrew a rolling tote within a year. I got serious about organizing my stash as a member of Club Scrap. I just could not envision breaking my monthly scrapbooking kit up and storing everything mashed together. After lots of trial and error I found a storage solution that worked for me that was economical, and fit my need to keep my precious kits intact. I went through a similar process with my stamps, my ink pads, ribbon, eyelets and brads, and colored card stock.

Like my aversion to washi tape, I put off pocket scrapbooking as long as I could. I knew I’d get hooked and “want it all”. Well I have a small collection of washi tape now, and I officially gave pocket scrapbooking a go last year after my trip to Belgium.

Now my newest dilemma is, where do I store all of my gorgeous pocket scrapbooking cards? I had some guesses, but ultimately I reached out to my friend Carly Dee for help with my new dilemma. I met Carly Dee on the web, we’ve never met face to face, but she is a girlfriend crafting has blessed me with. Carly Dee is a template designer, digital creative team maven, who I met through a digital scrapbooking creative team. She is the only crafter I know personally who is a digital to paper convert. Currently she makes amazing project life pages. Here is one of her latest: 

I asked Carly how she stores her Project Life cards. Her favorite cards, the ones she gets from her subscription to Studio Calico, are all stored in one of these nifty Close To My Heart Medium storage boxes. This particular box is super reasonable, priced at $16.95. Since my BFF Kerri gives me her discount I’ll link you to her CTMH page.

Here’s a peek at Carly Dee’s box full of Studio Calico PL cards and embellishments: 

Being a digital to paper convert does not mean Carly Dee has left her digital roots. She routinely also uses digital pocket scrapbooking cards. Here’s a picture to prove it: These are some of Carly Dee’s digital pocket cards from Little Butterfly Wings Designs. Carly said she prints her cards on good card stock and has started storing them in 4×6 Iris boxes. These are another inexpensive way to store pocket scrapbooking cards. And if you hit Costco at the right time of year you can pick one of these up for around $15.00. It comes with twelve 4 x 6 boxes, and they are all neatly organized into one neat, stackable, and highly portable box. I was able to get an entire set of Close To My Heart, Picture My Life sets into one 4 x 6 box, which is nice since the CTMH sets come packaged in just cellophane. You can buy these 4 x 6 Iris Boxes individually at Michaels or JoAnn’s for $1.99 full price, or for a cheaper price on sale or with a coupon. The full box as pictured is $39.00 at Michaels, or again cheaper with a coupon or on sale, or even better if you can find them when they are in stock at Costco.

I asked Carly Dee what her advice was to newbie Project Life scrapbookers.                       “DON’T go out and buy every single Becky Higgin’s Project Life kit there is. You will never ever use it all. Buy one third of that if you can. There are plenty of online groups of people swapping cards or selling off what they are not using. I had all the Becky Higgins kits. I have used no more than 100 cards from them total. Those kits take up ALOT of storage room. I didn’t use them so I ended up selling them off or trashing them.”

Do you think a girl could get along with say just Studio Calico and Digital pocket cards?                 “Actually yes I do. I use mostly Studio Calico and digi printed cards. I reach for those most. You are so much less overwhelmed if you stick to a subject and print what you need. Sometimes to much is not a good thing.”

She has a point. Sifting through hundreds of cards does slow down what was originally designed as a “fast” scrapbooking method. I have no plans of going fast, but I don’t want to be overwhelmed with choices either. Thank you again Carly Dee for letting me pick your brain and flaunt your photos.