Have you read about the Blood Moons?

Have you read about the Blood Moons?

If you are curious you can find this book at Amazon.com. I haven’t read it, but I might add it to my goodreads que. Thankfully, I have a few friends who have read enough to fill me in. This Tuesday morning at 2:07am, if it is not overcast, we should see the first of the next four. Each of the last cycles of blood moons occurred during historically significant events in Israel. Is it just coincidence? My pastor said, “I’m telling you about the first one to occur this year, just in case you want to observe something coincidental.” That had my mind spinning and thinking about what could take place in Israel that would be “world history” significant, and I scared myself a little.

Does this cycle of blood moons equal the end times? I don’t know. Do I believe in the end time, yes. Do I spend a lot of time thinking about it? No. Maybe I should, maybe I need to have an emergency food and water supply? I’ve met several “peepers” during the course of my life. People adroitly aware of the end times, preparing themselves for the end of the world. I worked with a man who had barrels of dried food goods in his basement. Every day he had hard candies in his lunch. Turns out he even bought the candies by the barrel. There is a peeper who hits my garage sale every year. He shops garage sales in search of cheap soap.  He said he is hoarding chocolate and soap to sell when the US economy collapses and the end of the world begins. I don’t think chocolate will be top of my list when the end times begin, but I have to hand it to the guy, at least he has a plan.

I’ve been thinking about all of the “religious” churches.  I wonder if they take any notice of these blood moons. Do they think about what Luke said when he talked about the end of the world? “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars”-Luke 21:25 Minister Reggie Scarborough lead services this past weekend.  He said something I thought was profoundly sad, “Religion worships who God was, but not who his is today.”

Pastor Scarborough said we will see an end to the middle churches in the end times. What is a middle church? A hodge podge, mixture of everything. They are neutral, not hot, not ready to make a stand and declare their beliefs because they are to afraid to offend anyone. I can see this, churches failing because what they are teaching will not be accurate. It will not hold true to what will happen in the end, or be enough to help equip their fellowship. I liked what Pastor Scarborough said. “Paul wasn’t afraid. He said, I am not ashamed of the power of Christ.”  Pastor Scarborough also said, “In the days ahead the Holly Ghost churches will flourish. We cannot be ashamed of it. Don’t put God in a box.”

Am I ashamed of it? Am I ashamed to be part of a faith movement that is an old parody stereotype from the 1940’s and 50’s? I don’t think my church looks anything like that stereotype, but while I don’t feel ashamed, I do feel pressure. There is a balancing act when I talk about my faith. Doing this fly’s in the face of my Minnesota nice up bringing. Even blogging about my faith has made me twitch and feel that old Minnesota nice rear it’s head.  Having been a baby Christian for so long, talking about faith is still new for me. I’ve faced the attacks in the past, with questions posed well enough, to make any waiver on my part equate failure. Am I afraid of the future attacks? Maybe I’m afraid of not having the right words to form a response? Maybe it’s a mix of both. The good news is, I’m confident I am more capable of facing these attacks today than I was a year or especially five years ago. We’ll see how well I fare. In the meantime, I might research emergency water supplies.