Felt Flower Wreath

Oddly enough this craft project was inspired while writing. I can trace my desire to do this project all the way back to the word “aubergine”. Microsoft Word did not like my spelling of the word aubergine. Not being known for my spelling prowess, I went out to the internet to google it, and double check. I have to say, Googling a color gives you some pretty amazing results. I got to see all kinds of beautiful objects that were all the color of aubergine. Let me also add, I was spelling aubergine right. But my writing flow was interrupted by a plethora of pretty aubergine pictures. Before long I had clicked my way into Pintrest. I love Pintrest. There, I stumbled upon a friends craft to-do board. It was chock full of felt flower wreaths. I wanted to do one of these. I REALLY wanted to do one of these. Before long several of her pins had become my pins, and I was plotting how and when I would be going to the craft store to make this wreath happen. I enlisted the home decor craft savviness, of my friend Melanie, and our pintrest inspired craftiness was underway.

Supplies Needed for this project:

  • Wreath form. I used a styrofoam form from Joann’s that set me back $8.
  • A skien of yarn. I bought a BIG one, and I didn’t need that much. I don’t craft with copious amounts of yarn, so I had no clue how much I needed. I wrapped my wreath two times with the yarn and I still think I could make a large project with what I have left over.
  • Different colors of felt. I bought 2 yards of each color, and three of us were able to make enough felt flowers, and I still have some nice sized felt fabric squares left over.
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks suitable for use with fabric.
  • The rabbit or other focal object is optional. I got the faux chocolate rabbit at Gordman’s for $6.
  • A nice sharp pair of scissors.
  • Stick pins for some of the flower patterns.
  • Beads or buttons for the center of flowers. I liked the look of wooden beads, but pearls or glass beads would look pretty as well.

I have linked to the blogs I found helpful. Each have tutorials & a free for personal use felt flower template.

  1. Wrap the wreath in yarn. I did hot glue where I started. This part of the project takes some time and I was glad I was making this craft with friends. We chatted away as we wrapped our wreaths two times around in yarn.
  2. The little purple daisy’s on my wreath were created using a template and tutorial at How Joyful’s Blog. The pictures are helpful and the printable template is free for personal use. I recommend when using her template to cut the itty bitty in-between parts of the paper template as you cut the fabric. If you make multiples of this flower I would print up a fresh template for each one. Those little cuts are just so small it was hard to use a second time. I did not combine all 4 strips provided on Joyful’s blog. I used the two smallest, and wrapped each one individually to create daisies. She recommends sewing on her blog, but I don’t intend on washing my wreath, so glue worked just fine.
  3. The yellow chrysanthemum on my wreath was created using a wonderful step by step instructions and free for personal use printable template at Make & Do Girl Blog. Even if you don’t want to make one, check out her blog and ogle the ones she made with hand dyed wool felt. They are gorgeous.
  4. The blue hycenths were super easy to make. Take about a 24″x 2″ strip of felt and fold it in half and glue together. Then cut every 1/4″ down the length of it. Place a strip of hot glue along the bottom and roll.
  5. The roses are about as easy. I found a free for personal use printable rose template at Kosucas blog. Her blog is international, but she has pictures of some really fun and amazing felt creations. I pined the printed template to the fabric and cut. We tried to trace and it just took more time than pinning and cutting from the template did. When rolling the roses, start in the middle and go ahead an bunch the center up. I added glue when I did this. Then you roll it on itself and these are intend to look tight. I also free cut circles for the base and glued them onto the bottom of the finished roses to give them a little more stability.
  6. The fun part is placing everything on the wreath. Don’t glue right away, place them and play with putting the flowers in different positions to see what looks best. You want a good mix of a few large flowers (I say no more than 4, 1 chrysanthemum and three hycenths), 3-4 medium flowers (Roses & paper whites), and 5 small flowers (daisy).



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