I Don’t Do Fork Bows.

I ran a booth in Milwaukee, WI selling Club Scrap several years ago. Early in the afternoon two friends of mine arrived. A mother-daughter duo, I met when they took one of my card classes at a different stamping expo in Maddison, WI. They were at the expo taking classes, and came by my booth during a break. I asked about their morning class and they started laughing so hard they could barely talk.  When they calmed down long enough to explain what had them almost on the floor, I learned the class they were in featured bows. They had made twelve cards, each with a different bow. They did not enjoy the class.  It was frustrating tying so many bows, and midway through they had stopped tying them and just went ahead with the stamping so they could finish on time. Aversions to bow tying is a complaint I’ve often heard paper crafters make. When my friends reached the final card station, they learned what they were intended to in the class.  How to make a bow using a fork.  I kid you not, the entire class revolved around making bows with a typical table fork. They recorded the instructor making “fork bows” with their phone, and gladly showed me their new trick. I thought the idea was rather ingenious, but I admit I have never tried to make a bow with a fork. I’ve never struggled making bows, so I’ve never really had a regular use for a fork in my crop bag.

About two years ago I attended a local scrapbooking expo at the Minnesota State Fair grounds.  I take some pride in being a more discerning supply shopper after almost twenty years of paper crafting. I still love finding new things, especially new tools. When I found the Bow-Easy at a scrapbooking expo, I decided for $5, it was worth a try. It makes more sized bows than a fork, and it is flat, fitting nicely into my crop bag. You can pick one of these up on Amazon.com. You can also find it on the Posibendr website.

I’ll walk you through how this thing works. It is designed where whatever size bow you choose, you work from the bottom. There’s a total of seven sizes you can create with this template.

Hold down the start of your ribbon with your left thumb and loop the ribbon accross the bottom template. Note: You can repeat the loop several times for a multi-loop bow.

Bring the ribbon around the top of the side you started on and thread it through the middle slot of the template.  Be sure you thread it above the ribbon already crossing the template.

Now bring the ribbon end down, up, and then through the loop on the left side.

Now tighten and cinch. The bow should now be tied.