To pause, is this really a place where nothing is happening when a writer is writing?  For me there is a difference between a pause and a stop.  While my manuscript for my current book is with my beta readers I have chosen not to actively work on it.  My goal is to have a fresh set of eyes when it is time to tackle the edits I get back from my beta readers.  As of now, I have received most of my beta reader’s feedback.  You could say I have a ninety percent solution.

All of the beta reader feedback so far, has pointed out one thing that absolutely needed revision.  After a few days thought I was able to process and draft an idea for the needed change.


One of my beta reader’s thoughts revealed something important about a character.  There is a characterization choice that could impact the long term, throwing off follow on story lines.  The good news is I don’t need to write new chapters to fix what was pointed out.  The changes required can be subtle or maybe a more dramatic revision of one chapter.  We’ll see, I don’t know yet what the right choice will be.

More pressure to flush this out will arise when my last beta reader’s feedback comes back.  Until then I am in a pause.  I have given my minds focus over to other things.  Actively engaging in other stories.  I don’t like forcing ideas, especially when they involve something this important.  My days have been occupied with everything from the usual mundane housework work, to the tasks I enjoy.  Every once in awhile I hit the play button and I see where my subconscious has gone with my characterization dilemma.  I’ll get a little piece of it, jot it down, and then hit the pause button again.  These pauses work for me, and I revisit the issue at different points in time.  When my emotions are neutral or heightened and I get a glimpse of how they feel at different moments.  These pauses help form the right answer.  I look forward to finding the solution when it is time to hit play again.