Diaper Cake

It is always so fun to learn a friend is having her first baby, especially when she has been on a long road of waiting to get pregnant.  I met Mary at Memory Keepers, a small group at my church that meets monthly to paper craft together. We are going to have a surprise baby shower for her today. I love baby stuff, and making a diaper cake is the best excuse in the world to go shopping for baby stuff.

Here’s a list of what you need:

  1. I used 100 size 1 infant Huggies Diapers on Mary’s cake.
  2. At least 3 blankets of some kind. An inexpensive method is to use receiving blankets. In the past I have used a mix of receiving blankets and say one really nice blanket. I now use sleep sacks. On Mary’s Diaper Cake I have two sleep sacks and one Boppy Pillow cover.
  3. A dozen diaper safety pins (maybe a few extra if you need them to pin on toys). I know Babies R’ Us sells these, I’ve also seen them at Walmart.
  4. Baby booties or cute socks
  5. 1-2 small infant toys, preferably ones you can affix to a car seat so it can just clip on the cake.
  6. Small infant toy for the cake topper. I used a snugly blanket buddy. It’s one of those cute, it’s a toy, but it’s a blanket plush things.
  7. Plastic diaper bag dispenser. The more mobile my kids became, the more and more this little diaper bag contraption came in handy. The pack I found came with bonus disposable diaper changing matts. Those were great to have in the diaper bag too. I placed one of these over the top of the bottom layer to hide the exposed diapers at the edge.
  8. Bibb
  9. This one’s optional, I wrap the cake in toile and secure with a ribbon. It helps for transportation of the diaper cake.

* In the past I have also placed pacifiers, infant hats, and other small items that fit within the overall theme of the cake built.

IMG_2076   IMG_2077


Here are some samples of other cakes I made for friends.

IMG_0956  IMG_1624