Angels of Light and Darkness

Amor y Psique

The statue of Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss, by Antonio Canova, was one of my favorites from the Louvre. I’ve had a post card of it at my desk since I returned from a trip overseas in 2013. I love this photo of it, you can see the photographers info HERE. My story was in it’s early stages when I went to stay with my dear friends Barb and Mike at their home in Belgium. It started on the plane heading over. I was frustrated because the scenes I was seeing had nothing to do with my main characters.  For three months I had been writing about them and suddenly all of their activity stopped. I didn’t have writers block, nope it was more like “ta-da ambush”. I was ambushed by new characters. It just so happened they had wings. I took my infatuation with this statue as a sign I was on the right track.

My pastor did a sermon on Angels this last weekend.  It was neat because it was part of his Faith and Healing series where he’s been teaching on the nineteen documented healing of Jesus in the Bible.  This week we made it to number seventeen and the example was found in John 5.  It’s one of the rare examples where the subject who was healed was not healed by faith.  Ninety percent of the time faith is involved in healing.  This one was a big exception.  The man who was healed in this case had spent the last 38 years hanging out at a lake where Angels were known to occasionally trouble the waters.  The first person in the lake when the angel left would be healed.  Pastor Mac used this as a stepping block into a sermon about Angelic Ministry.  I wont tell you the whole thing, but I will say it was really enjoyable.  It does a nice job of dispelling world fascination and fictions about angels. It gives a nice solid starting point for anyone interested in the biblical truths of them.  If you want to hear the service you can check out the link here.

What I took away from it most was from Exodus 23:21.  It cautions man to obey and not provoke angels because they will not forgive our transgressions.  How Angels respond to our words, especially words that support or contest God.

The other part that stuck with me was his talk about the Genesis of Satan and how there are angels of light and angels of darkness.  Our words can influence and provoke both.  I immediately had a connection to one of my characters (Aaron). My busy mind has been chewing on this sermon for the last three days and it has given me some new and insightful inspiration.


Thinking about Dark Angels brought to mind the disturbing acting job Rosalinda Celentano did as the very androgenous Satan in The Passion of The Christ.  I swear she didn’t even need lines, I was creeped out by every shot she was in.  I left that movie thinking that actress is going to be forever known as giving the best movie portrayal of Satan ever.  I can hear her in future auditions, “Yes, that’s right I was cast as Satan.  Thanks I’m glad you liked my ancient Hebrew accent.”  All I can say is-way to act Rosalinda.