My first manuscript hard copy

Setting up a blog should not be so painful.  After spending three hours messing with it I decided I am not going to get what I want right away.  I’ll focus on the good, it’s up, and I will take the reassurance it will evolve into what I want with more use.

I pried myself away from my blog frustrations and ran an errand for my husband and picked up my first hard copy of my manuscript.  Why did I not just print this thing at home?  I did try. Low and behold the one thing our brand new, top pick of Consumer Reports, all in one printer can’t do is double sided printing.  I considered doing the whole run the even through, flip it over and run the odd side through.  No-I’m not going to risk wasting that much ink and paper.  I remembered all the times I did that once upon a time when I still worked full time-and boy was that ever a headache.  No, when I can upload it, have it printed and bound for half the price I’ll pay for a new ink cartridge-that’s the way to go.  Here it is!!!


It’s surreal to touch it, and see just how big it is.  This has been one of the longest journeys of my life.  The draft manuscript I sent to my editor the first time was over 230,000 words.  To hold something so big, and know it’s fewer than 100,000 words is crazy to me.

My husband asked me tonight over dinner, “What are you going to do with it?”  The answer is, read it, out loud.  I’ll edit it with a pen and then add my changes when I get all of my feedback back from my beta readers.  I’m fighting the temptation of tearing into it right away.  It’s hard, but I know I’m to close to it right now.  I need some space from it. My mind needs to dwell somewhere else for a while so I can come back to it and have a more critical eye.  The good news is, if I need to write I have more work to do on book 2.